Anatomical structure and chloroplasts ultrastructural peculiarity of some hydrophytes leaves
作者: Olena M. Nedukha
刊名: Modern Phytomorphology, 2015, Vol.8 (8), pp.161-168
来源数据库: Modern Phytomorphology
关键词: Potamogeton perfoliatusPotamogeton pectinatusMyriophyllum spіcatumleaf anatomycell ultrastructureflooding
原始语种摘要: The comparative analysis of the anatomical study, chloroplast ultrastructure and pigments content of submerged leaves of Potamogeton perfoliatus, P. pectinatus and Myriophyllum spіcatum at budding-flowering stage with light microscopy, transmission electron microscopic and biochemical methods were realized. The absent of stomata, the presence of undifferentiated mesophyll was shown with anatomical study of hydrophytes leaves. The common and distinctions signs of chloroplast ultrastructure in leaf photosynthesizing parenchyma were revealed in dependent from species. The structural changes of leaf phonotypical plasticity are examined as adaptative device of submerged leaves under influence of altered environment.
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  • flowering 开花
  • chloroplast 叶绿体
  • mesophyll 叶肉
  • ultrastructure 超微细结构
  • anatomical 解剖的
  • submerged 暗礁
  • stomata 
  • peculiarity 特征
  • adaptative 适应的
  • stage