Distribution, morphology, anatomy and histochemistry of Crepidium acuminatum
作者: Sebastian John AdamsThiruppathi Senthil KumarGnanamani MuthuramanAnju Majeed
刊名: Modern Phytomorphology, 2018, Vol.12 , pp.15-32
来源数据库: Modern Phytomorphology
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1195691
原始语种摘要: Crepidium acuminatum is largely confine to the Himalayan region although it has been reported in South India, where its presence distribution needs to be critically studied. This study describes the morphological, anatomical and histochemical aspects of the materials of the authenticated species collected from Himalayas. This study also highlights the features of histochemistry and anatomy that should be used for the correct identification and authentication of C. acuminatum, especially because of the therapeutic importance of the species and its possible adulteration by other orchids.
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  • anatomy 解剖学
  • morphology 形态学
  • Distribution 配电
  • histochemistry 组织化学
  • anatomical 解剖的
  • critically 批判地
  • Himalayas 喜马拉雅山
  • correct 修正
  • authentication 确认
  • morphological 形态学的