Determination of Reactivity Ratios for α-Methylstyrene-Butadiene Copolymerization via Cesium-based Catalyst System
作者: Kwang Su SeoSusan A. LettieriSteve K. HenningWeng-Liang Hsu and Adel F. Halasa
刊名: Polymer Sciences, 2019, Vol.4 (2)
来源数据库: Insight Medical Publishing
关键词: CopolymerizationCoplolymerPolymerizationΑ-methylstyreneCatalyst system
原始语种摘要: The objective of this work is to determine reactivity ratios of the poly(α-methylstyrene-co-butadiene) polymerization in cesium-based catalyst system. These values can be used to describe the characteristic incorporation order of the monomers into the polymer chain and model the chain microstructure. The anionic solution polymerization of α-methylstyrene and 1,3-butadiene was polymerized at 10°C with different feed ratios in the presence of Cesium alkoxide, dialkyl magnesium, and chelating diamine. The reactivity ratio for butadiene at 50/50 wt% (35/65 molar ratio) α-methylstyrene/butadiene calculated as approximately 1.50, while that for α-methylstyrene calculated by both the integrated and differential methods were the values of 0.40 and -0.1. This would indicate that copolymer...
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  • methylstyrene 甲基苯乙烯
  • polymerization 聚合酌
  • depropagation 减增
  • catalyst 催化剂
  • butadiene 丁二烯
  • alkoxide 醇盐
  • polymerized 聚合的
  • copolymer 共聚物
  • chelating 螯合
  • ratios 遗传比率