An Efficient String Matching Technique for Desktop Search to Detect Duplicate Files
作者: S. VijayaraniMs. M.Muthulakshmi
刊名: International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science(IJITCS), 2017, Vol.9 (7), pp.69-76
来源数据库: Modern Education & Computer Science(MECS)Journal
DOI: 10.5815/ijitcs.2017.07.08
原始语种摘要: Information retrieval is used to identify the relevant documents in a document collection, which is matching a user's query. It also refers to the automatic retrieval of documents from the large document corpus. The most important application of information retrieval system is search engine like Google, which identify those documents on the World Wide Web that are relevant to user queries. In most situations, users may download the files that are already downloaded and stored in their computer. Then, there is a chance of multiple copies of the files that are already stored in different drives and folders on the system, which in turn reduces the performance of the system and these files occupy a lot of memory space. Analyzing the contents of the file and finding their similarity is one of...
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  • retrieval 检索
  • matching 匹配
  • documents 单据
  • searching 勘探
  • delete 删去
  • files 案卷
  • duplicate 复制
  • automatic 自动的
  • corpus 基金的本金
  • existing 现行