Leaf Recognition based on Neural Network Feed-Forward and Support Vector Machine Classifiers
作者: Abbas H. Hassin AlAsadi Eman Qais Anduljalil Amal Hameed Khaleel
刊名: International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing- IJCSMC, 2017, Vol.6 (1)
来源数据库: International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing
关键词: Plant IdentificationDigital Morphological FeatureSupport Vector MachineFeatures Extraction
原始语种摘要: Leaf recognition is very important in plant classification and its key subject to distinguish different kinds of leaves. In this paper, A computer aided leaf recognition system is suggested. The main steps involved in this work are image preprocessing, edge detection, feature extraction and the classification. Preprocessing step consists of four sub-steps; color converting, thresholding, binary operations, and filtering (segmentation). Edge detection is strongly needed for locating features. Whereas, feature extraction depends on three types of features; shape, and texture. Finally, two approached of classifiers are used; Neural Network feed-forward and Support Vector Machine. The experimental results are applied to two different datasets. According to the results, the classifiers...
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  • Recognition 识别
  • Vector 矢量
  • feature 结构元件
  • recognition 识别
  • thresholding 阈值
  • preprocessing 预处理
  • segmentation 分段
  • locating 定位
  • texture 结构
  • steps 无扶手步梯