The underestimated worth of predatory and parasitic mites in India: does it really have to import exotic species for biological control?
作者: Gupta, S. K.Kumar, P. S.
作者单位: 1Medicinal Plants Research and Extension Centre, Ramakrishna Mission, Narendrapur, Kolkata 700 103, India.
刊名: CAB Reviews, 2018, Vol.13 (31)
来源数据库: Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International
DOI: 10.1079/PAVSNNR201813031
原始语种摘要: Predatory and parasitic mites are likely to assume a greater role in crop protection as world attention is now focused on finding out alternative means of agricultural pest management, and some may be beneficial in the medical and veterinary fields. This review on the status of research on predatory and parasitic mites in India is written in the light of the recent push for introduction of exotic phytoseiid mites into the country. It provides an overview of the predatory mites associated with agri-horticultural crops as well as of some insects of public health importance in India and also of some known from outside the country for appreciating their potential. It has information on predatory mites representing 27 families under three orders, viz. Mesostigmata, Trombidiformes (suborder...
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  • predatory 捕食生物的
  • mites 
  • parasitic 寄生的
  • exotic 外来植物
  • suborder 亚目
  • Prostigmata 前气门目
  • species 
  • Oribatida 甲螨目
  • country 地方
  • Mesostigmata 中气门目