Dog zoonoses and human health: a global perspective - Mini Review.
作者: Macpherson, C. N. L.
刊名: CAB Reviews, 2013, Vol.8 (2)
来源数据库: Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International
DOI: 10.1079/PAVSNNR20138002
原始语种摘要: Dogs are appreciated and kept or tolerated in high numbers, playing a variety of roles in human society. The relationship facilitates over 65 zoonoses whose distribution depends on a complex interplay between the hosts and environment. Children are most at risk. Some national/local control programmes have been implemented.

  • zoonoses 人畜共患病
  • interplay 互相作用
  • human 人的
  • perspective 透视画法
  • complex 超群
  • society 组合
  • numbers 数目
  • variety 变种
  • relationship 关系
  • national 国家的