Aggressiveness intravascular catheters due to the high hardness of the materials from which they are made
作者: Urakov A.L. Dementiev V.B. Kasatkin A.A. Lukoyanov I.A. Nigmatullin A.R.
刊名: Morfologičeskie vedomosti - Morphological Newsletter, 2016, Vol.24 (2)
来源数据库: Morphological Newsletter
原始语种摘要: In city hospital conducted a study of the dynamics of the state of the body parts of the patients in the place of installation they of intravascular plastic catheters made of polyurethane, silicone and Teflon. It is shown that proper installation of high-quality catheters often causes local inflammation of the soft tissues regardless of the material from which the catheters. It was found that all modern high-quality intravascular catheters have overly pronounced mechanical traumatic action that underlies the characteristic local inflammation of the vascular wall and surrounding tissues. Invited to consider this “catheter” as an independent disease iatrogenic disease. It is established that catheter disease occurs due to excessive mechanical damage to the soft tissue by the catheter due to...
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  • intravascular 血管内的
  • catheter 导管
  • aggressive 侵蚀的
  • inflammation 炎症
  • pronounced 明确的
  • excessive 过度
  • iatrogenic 医原性的
  • material 充填料
  • found 创立
  • Teflon 特氟纶