A study on the Argentina Climate and Natural Disasters Argentina Monsoon Time Scale, Argentina National Geoscope Project Irlapatism-A New Hypothetical Model Of Cosmology
作者: Gangadhara Rao Irlapati
刊名: Academia Arena, 2018, Vol.10 (7)
来源数据库: Marsland Press
DOI: 10.7537/marsaaj100718.03
关键词: Argentina Weather Time ScaleArgentina Monsoon Time ScaleArgentina National Geoscope ProjectIRLAPATISM-A New Hypothetical Model of CosmologyBioforecastLocal Geoscope CentresRegional Geoscope centresCentral Geoscope Centres
原始语种摘要: The climate of Argentina is a complex subject. Argentina has winter, spring, summer and autumn seasons. Surface and ground water resources are also available in the Argentina. Summer rains are intense and torrential rain is common. Because of its geographical characteristics, the country is exposed to natural disasters such as earth quakes, severe storms, volcanic eruptions, and climatic changes. Argentina is a country exposed to many natural disasters, it lies south of the equator making for various different weather conditions winter months consist of droughts while summer months consist of various storms and tornadoes. Due to extreme changes in climate through the year Argentina gets hit with a lot of natural disasters. Some of these natural disasters include floods, extreme...
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  • National 国民牌大客车
  • Argentina 阿根廷
  • country 地方
  • resources 资源
  • natural 自然的
  • extreme 极端的
  • estimate 估计
  • assets 财产
  • regional 地方的
  • underground 地下的