The GAO Report on DC Charter Schools'92 Suspension Rates
作者: Erich Martell
刊名: Nonpartisan Education Review, 2017, Vol.13 , pp.1-2
来源数据库: The Nonpartisan Education Review
关键词: District of Columbia Public SchoolsSchool choiceStudent selection
原始语种摘要: \f2 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0The Council and the public need to know the details and rates by school - in both sectors - of the infractions and incidents that led to suspensions and other major discipline. I assume that teachers and ultimately principals choose suspension as a very last resort - in both DCPS and charter schools. \'a0In many classrooms and schools, lowering suspensions means returning disruptive students to the classroom and disrupting learning.\f0 \kerning1\expnd0\expndtw0
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  • lowering 降低
  • discipline 锻炼
  • classroom 教室
  • ultimately 最终
  • kerning 西文)字母紧排(法
  • resort 娱乐场
  • learning 学识
  • charter 特许证书
  • major 知的
  • selection 选择