Cognitive Science and the Common Core Mathematics Standards
作者: Eric A. Nelson
刊名: Nonpartisan Education Review, 2017, Vol.13 , pp.1-18
来源数据库: The Nonpartisan Education Review
关键词: Educational standardsCommon CoreMath education
原始语种摘要: Between 1995 and 2010, most U.S. states adopted K\'9612 math standards which discouraged memorization of math facts and procedures. Since 2010, most states have revised standards to align with the K\'9612 Common Core Mathematics Standards (CCMS). The CCMS do not ask students to memorize facts and procedures for some key topics and delay work with memorized fundamentals in others. \Recent research in cognitive science has found that the brain has only minimal ability to reason with knowledge that has not previously been well-memorized. This science predicts that students taught under math standards that discouraged initial memorization for math topics will have significant difficulty solving numeric problems in mathematics, science, and engineering. As one test of this prediction, in a...
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  • memorization 记忆
  • Core 核心
  • standards 规程
  • difficulty 困难
  • CCMS 北大西洋公约组织现代科技委员会
  • science 科学
  • fundamentals 原理
  • numeric 数字的
  • knowledge 知识
  • previously 以前