The Reviewing of Different Opinions, Solutions and Suggestions of Specific Disorders in Dictate Notes
作者: Abdollah Hashemi Jashni Ali AgahiAmir Nikukholgh
刊名: International Journal of Administration and Governance, 2015, Vol.1 (7)
来源数据库: Islamic World Network for Environmental Science and Technology
关键词: Motor SkillsSpecial FailureDictate NotesLearning
原始语种摘要: Background: Children with disabilities in writing and less writing failure are one of the special groups in learning. Failure in dictated have this characteristics that students write words by moving letters, spelling errors, punctuation errors, and reversing letters and words, writing, writing mistakes. Defects of learn can affect grow, learn, education for children. In this article different opinion solutions and suggestions will be reviewed.
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  • writing 记录
  • learn 学习
  • errors 错帐
  • words 文字
  • spelling 书写法
  • punctuation 点标点
  • opinion 意见
  • moving 移动
  • reversing 反转
  • write 存入