Trauma, Religion, and Social Support among African American Women
作者: Sharon D. Johnson Sha-Lai L. Williams & Joseph G. Pickard
刊名: Social Work & Christianity, 2016, Vol.43 (1)
来源数据库: North American Assoc. of Christians in Social Work
关键词: traumaqualifying traumatic eventsPTSDreligionsocial supportAfrican American women
原始语种摘要: African American women have disparate rates of trauma exposure and subsequent PTSD that is often considered in relation to their religion, spirituality, and the availability of social support. The present study adds to the existing literature by examining various religious behaviors and social support among 101 African American women who were distinguished based on the problemgenerating nature of their traumatic event. Almost all of the women experienced an event (91%), of which a majority of the events qualified as traumatic (61%), and a quarter of the women who experienced an event (27%) experienced the additive influence of PTSD. A majority of the women reported frequent religious behaviors such as daily prayer (80%) and taking religious advice or teaching into consideration (67%)....
全文获取路径: 社会福利工作中的基督教北美研究协会 

  • 添加剂 妇女
  • religious 宗教
  • religion 信仰
  • American 美国的
  • African 非洲的
  • traumatic 外伤的
  • among 在当中
  • event 事件
  • experienced 有经验的
  • women 妇女
  • additive 妇女