Eastern Georgia in the International Relations of the Russian Empire in 1801-1806
作者: Lesya Goncharenko Alina Kaliman
刊名: Path of Science, 2017, Vol.3 (5)
来源数据库: Path of Science
DOI: 10.22178/pos.22-3
关键词: Russian EmpireEastern Georgiainternational relations
原始语种摘要: The article explores the role and place of eastern Georgia in international relations of the Russian Empire in 1801-1806. The causes of Russian expansion against the East Georgian lands during the studied period were characterized. The position of the ruling circles of the Russian state in the matter of development and implementation of international policy towards Eastern Georgia in 1801-1806 was described. The influence of St. Petersburg imperial policy on East Georgia at changing international situation of the Russian state in the Caucasus in 1801-1806 was clarified.
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  • Empire 帝国棉
  • position 位置
  • international 国际的
  • policy 政策
  • Eastern 东方牌手表
  • state 状态
  • situation 立场
  • clarified 澄清了的
  • imperial 帝国的
  • development 开发