Kaposi’s sarcoma complicating long-termcorticotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis
作者: Sara Elloudi Hakima Elmahi Salim Gallouj Fatima Zahra Mernissi
刊名: Our Dermatology Online, 2017, Vol.8 (3)
来源数据库: Our Dermatology Online
关键词: KaposiCorticosteroidsRheumatoid arthritis
原始语种摘要: Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) is a lymphoangioproliferative neoplasm induced by human herpes virus 8 (HHV-8). KS causedby iatrogenic immunosuppression is rare. Iatrogenic KS can present a therapeutic dilemma, as decreasing the level ofimmunosuppression may not be possible or may come at the high cost of organ rejection, such as in the case of organtransplant recipients or organ damage in the case of patients with autoimmune disorders. We report a new case ofKaposi’s sarcoma induced by corticosteroids.
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  • rheumatoid 患风湿病的
  • arthritis 关节炎
  • sarcoma 肉瘤
  • iatrogenic 医原性的
  • induced 感应的
  • neoplasm 赘生物
  • herpes 疱疹
  • autoimmune 自身免疫的
  • therapeutic 治疗的
  • organ