Dermatology Eponyms – sign –Lexicon (T). Part 1
作者: Piotr Brzeziński Yasmeen Jabeen Bhat Ouiame El Jouari Rakesh BhartiPatricia Chang Anca Chiriac Lorenzo Martini Ashwin Devasya
刊名: Our Dermatology Online, 2019, Vol.10 (2)
来源数据库: Our Dermatology Online
关键词: EponymsSkin diseasesSign
原始语种摘要: Eponyms are used almost daily in the clinical practice of dermatology. And yet, information about the person behindthe eponyms is difficult to find. Indeed, who is? What is this person’s nationality? Is this person alive or dead? Howcan one find the paper in which this person first described the disease? Eponyms are used to describe not only disease,but also clinical signs, surgical procedures, staining techniques, pharmacological formulations, and even pieces ofequipment. In this article we present the symptoms starting with (T) and other. The symptoms and their synonyms,and those who have described this symptom or phenomenon.
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  • person 人称
  • alive 活的
  • nationality 国籍
  • pieces 碎毛
  • dermatology 皮肤病学
  • starting 起动
  • about 大约
  • Skin 皮肤
  • paper 
  • difficult 困难的