Article: Prognostic value ofcombination fibrinogen, platelet, neutrophil to lymphocyteratio and platelet to lymphocyte ratio in advanced lungadenocarcinoma
作者: Leirong Wang Xiaorui Chi Lingxin Feng Zhuang Yu </h5></div> Cancer Cell Research 2019 6(23) 650-658 published online 28 September 2019
刊名: Cancer Cell Research, 2019, Vol.6 (23), pp.650-658
来源数据库: Guoyu exquisite culture Co., Ltd
原始语种摘要: A combination of fibrinogen (FBG), platelet (PLT),neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and platelet tolymphocyte ratio (PLR) (abbreviated as CO-NPF) has beenrecently evaluated as a marker for prognostication in lungcancer. While previous study on CO-NPF has evaluated in lungadenosquamous patients, the combination of these fourmarkers has not been evaluated in advanced lungadenocarcinoma yet. In this study, we investigated thesignificance of CO-NPF in predicting the survival ofpatients with advanced lung adenocarcinoma. 225 patientswith pathologically diagnosed lung adenocarcinoma wereenrolled. The cutoff values for FBG, PLT, NLR and PLR weredefined by receiver operating characteristic (ROC). TheCO-NPF was calculated as the combination of FBG, PLT, NLRand PLR based on these cutoff values....
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  • fibrinogen 纤朊原
  • Article 物品
  • platelet 血小板
  • neutrophil 中性白细胞
  • lymphocyte 淋巴细胞
  • adenocarcinoma 腺癌
  • ratio 
  • cutoff 裁弯取直
  • value 
  • survival 生存