Assessment of facial asymmetry and establishment of threshold of sub-clinical asymmetry in Malwa population
作者: Chandni BhartiDr Sandhya JainDr Harsh Vibhor BhartiDr
作者单位: 1People's college of dental sciences & research center, Bhopal
2Government College of Dentistry, Indore
3Rishiraj college of Dentistry; Bhopal
刊名: Orthodontic Journal of Nepal, 2018, Vol.8 (2), pp.29-40
来源数据库: Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic Association
DOI: 10.3126/ojn.v8i2.23068
原始语种摘要: Introduction: The word symmetry is derived from the Greek word ‘symmetries’ which means ‘of like measure’. Facial symmetry can be defined in numerous ways, one being associated with the state of facial equilibrium, in which there is a correspondence in size, shape, and arrangement of facial landmarks on the opposite sides.Materials & Method: The 1427 subjects in the present study were selected from the Out Patient Department of Government College of Dentistry, Indore(M.P), who presented with aesthetically pleasing faces over a period of one year (October 2013-0ctober 2014). Out of the 1427 patients examined 150 (17-30 years) subjects were randomly included. Photographs and orthopantomogram of all the 150 patients were obtained.Result: The photographs and orthopantomogram were analyzed &...
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  • facial 表面的
  • threshold 阈值
  • asymmetry 非对称
  • corpus 基金的本金
  • right 右边的
  • correspondence 通信
  • width 幅度
  • predominance 优势
  • length 距离
  • shape 形状