Lessons in stabilization and prospects for growth: Russia's economic policy in 2016
作者: Mau, Vladimir A.
刊名: Russian Journal of Economics, 2017, Vol.3 , pp.109-128
来源数据库: Redaktsiya zhurnala Voprosy Ekonomiki
DOI: 10.1016/j.ruje.2017.06.001
关键词: Economic policyStructural crisisNew model of growthRussia
原始语种摘要: Economic growth is a primary challenge of the political agenda of leading countries, including Russia. This study discusses existing hypotheses that are related to “secular stagnation” and the “productivity paradox”, which include the demand side of the problem (cyclical factors), special features of technological innovations (technological factors), anti-crisis policy that prevents “creative destruction” (political factors), and the irrelevance of the GDP measurement (statistical problems). Limits to growth contribute to a new global policy trend and the emerging of populism; this study discusses the prospects of the transformation from political populism to economic populism. Global challenges provide the basis for a more extensive analysis of Russian economic development and,...
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  • economic 经济的
  • policy 政策
  • political 政治
  • crisis 危机
  • growth 生长
  • irrelevance 偏离度
  • technological 工芝的
  • cyclical 轮生的
  • populism 民粹主义
  • economy 经济