Performance Approach to Recycled Aggregate Incorporation in Design of Steam-cured SCC for Precast Use
作者: Vu Nam Nguyen1 Franck Cassagnabere123 Michel Mouret1 Mohamed Lachemi2 and Alexandre Bertrand3
刊名: Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research, 2015, Vol.2 (1), pp.438-448
来源数据库: Ethan Publishing Company
关键词: Precast industryrecycled aggregatesperformance-based approachsteam-cured SCC.
原始语种摘要: Managing the waste resulting from precast concrete activities is a challenge for the industry. This paper addresses the problem by providing potential applications involving the use of recycled crushed concrete as aggregates. For precast applications, the main properties of the material should be high reactivity at an early age (1 day), optimal performance at 28 days, and enhanced long-term durability. This study presents a systematic comparison between the properties of a control self-compacting concrete (SCC-0%) blended only with natural aggregates (NA) and SCC blended with 10% recycled aggregate (RA) as a partial replacement for NA (SCC-10%). For steam-cured SCC for precast use, fresh state properties (slump and segregation resistance), mechanical compressive strength and durability...
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  • concrete 具体
  • durability 持久性
  • precast 预浇铸
  • carbonation 碳酸盐化
  • compacting 热压预缩
  • recycled 循环
  • blended 混合
  • slump 滑移
  • crushed 碾碎了的
  • properties 道具