CD8<sup>+</sup>XCR1<sup>neg</sup> Dendritic Cells Express High Levels of Toll-Like Receptor 5 and a Unique Complement of Endocytic Receptors.
CD8 < sup > < / sup > XCR1 < sup > neg < / sup >树突状细胞表达高水平的Toll-like受体5和一个特有的内吞受体补体。
作者: Wylie BenRead JamesBuzzai Anthony CWagner TeaganTroy NiamhSyn GenevieveStone Shane RFoley BreeBosco AnthonyCruickshank Mark NWaithman Jason
作者单位: 1Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia, Perth, WA, Australia.
刊名: Frontiers in immunology, 2018, Vol.9 , pp.2990
来源数据库: PubMed Journal
DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.02990
关键词: TLR5XCR1Dendritic cellsImmunosurveillanceMicroarrayTranscriptomics
原始语种摘要: Conventional dendritic cells (cDC) resident in the lymphoid organs of mice have been classically divided into CD8+ and CD8neg subsets. It is well-established that CD8+ dendritic cells (DCs) and their migratory counterparts in the periphery comprise the cross-presenting cDC1 subset. In contrast, CD8neg DCs are grouped together in the heterogeneous cDC2 subset. CD8neg DCs are relatively poor cross-presenters and drive more prominent CD4+ T cell responses against exogenous antigens. The discovery of the X-C motif chemokine receptor 1 (XCR1) as a specific marker of cross-presenting DCs, has led to the identification of a divergent subset of CD8+ DCs that lacks the ability to cross-present. Here, we report that these...
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  • dendritic 师状的
  • receptor 接受体
  • migratory 迁移的
  • restricted 限定
  • cells 麻风细胞
  • endocytic 内吞作用的
  • exogenous 外源的
  • profile 纵断图
  • identification 辨认
  • subset 子集