Successful treatment of relapsed testicular embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma with Endostar and traditional chemotherapy: a case report.
作者: Han TaoChen JianjunLuan YutingChen XiaoxiaYang XiaodanZhang YueLi GaoWang DiZheng Zhendong
作者单位: 1Department of Oncology, Cancer Center of People's Liberation Army, General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region, Shenyang 110840, People's Republic of China,
2Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang 110840, People's Republic of China.
刊名: OncoTargets and therapy, 2018, Vol.11 , pp.5287-5291
来源数据库: PubMed Journal
DOI: 10.2147/OTT.S170008
关键词: Complete responseEmbryonal rhabdomyosarcomaEndogenous angiogenesis inhibitorMetastasis
原始语种摘要: Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS) has a low prevalence, poor prognosis, and limited treatment efficacy. We report a case of an 18-year-old male whose disease relapsed in the abdominal cavity after a testicular ERMS curative resection. The patient received eight sequential cycles of rescue therapy using cisplatin and isocyclophosphamide in combination with a vascular targeted drug, Endostar. The therapeutic effect of the combination regimen has been evaluated for complete response. This is the first case to report using Endostar and chemotherapy in relapsed ERMS, and the curative effect results in complete response. Endostar, a new vascular targeted drug, combined with chemotherapy may play a synergistic role and provide a reference for the treatment of ERMS.
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  • chemotherapy 化学疗法
  • embryonal 胚的
  • treatment 处理
  • cisplatin 顺氯氨铂
  • prognosis 预报
  • targeted 对准目标的
  • resection 后方交会
  • combined 组合
  • therapeutic 治疗的
  • angiogenesis 血管生成