The Pleistocene colonization of northeastern Europe: a report on recent research.
作者: Pavlov PavelRoebroeks WilSvendsen John Inge
作者单位: 1Department of Archaeology, Institute of Language, Literature & History, Komi Sciene Centre, Ural Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kommunisticheskaya st. 26, 167000, Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia.
刊名: Journal of human evolution, 2004, Vol.47 (1-2), pp.3-17
来源数据库: PubMed Journal
原始语种摘要: Recent studies have shown that northeastern Europe was occupied by humans significantly earlier than previously thought. Some traces of human presence in the European Arctic even date back to about 35-40 ka. This paper discusses the Middle and early Upper Palaeolithic (EUP) assemblages from this area within the local context of their environmental characteristics, as well as their implications for our views on the occupational history of northern environments.
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  • northeastern 来自东北的
  • Pleistocene 更新世
  • colonization 集群现象
  • report 通报
  • recent 近来的
  • research 
  • Europe 欧洲