Common Neurotransmitters: Criteria for Neurotransmitters, Key Locations, Classifications and Functions
作者: Getinet Ayano
刊名: Advances in Psychology and Neuroscience, 2016, Vol.1 (1)
来源数据库: Science Publishing Group
DOI: 10.11648/j.apn.20160101.11
关键词: NeurotransmittersInhibitory NeurotransmittersExcitatory NeurotransmittersMonoamines
原始语种摘要: The criteria, key locations, classifications and functions of common neuro transmitters is reviewed and discussed. Neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body. They relay signals between neurons. To be neurotransmitter the molecule must be present in the brain and distributed unevenly and enzymes that help to create the neurotransmitter must be present in the brain. Common inhibitory neurotransmitters such as serotonin, Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) and dopamine calm the brain and help create balance where as excitatory neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, glutamate, epinephrine, and dopamine stimulate the brain. From inhibitory neurotransmitters dopamine is located in Amygdala, Cingulate cortex, Hippocampus, Nucleus...
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  • cortex 皮层
  • thalamus 花托
  • brain 
  • dopamine 多巴胺
  • arousal 唤起
  • excitatory 刺激性的
  • wakefulness 警醒症
  • tegmental 盖的
  • involved 涉及
  • inhibitory 禁止的