Погребения с мечами с кольцевым навершием из могильника меотского городища Спорное
作者: N. Yu. Limberis I. I. Marchenko
刊名: Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2019, Vol.4
来源数据库: Stratum Publishing House
关键词: Central EuropeMiddle DanubeThe Great Migration PeriodShield bossMilitary burialsStilicho
原始语种摘要: The article presents the materials of six Maeotian graves from the burial ground located on the Right Bank of the Kuban River, in which iron swords with a ring top and a bar-shaped crosshair were found. The length of the swords spans from 38.8 cm to 60 cm. Two kinds of swords are distinguished by their blade shape: straight, with parallel blades (graves no. 125, 133), and with an elongated-triangular blade (graves no. 98, 136, 143, 151). Bits of rotten wooden sheath and handle covers preserved on the swords. Except the swords, burials were accompanied by other types of weapons (arrowheads, spears and darts). Two graves contain imported items with a narrow chronology. The earliest is grave no. 136. Glass skyphos and pseudo-Koan amphora were found here. According to these finds, they date...
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  • graves 金属渣
  • century 世纪
  • fibula 腓骨
  • crosshair 十字准线
  • spans 司盘类
  • amphora 月形藻属
  • burial 埋葬
  • preserved 保藏的
  • imported 进口的
  • elongated 引伸的