Римский меч из Усть-Альминского некрополя (Юго-Западный Крым)
作者: A. A. Trufanov V. V. Masjakin
刊名: Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2019, Vol.4
来源数据库: Stratum Publishing House
关键词: Lower Don areaSarmatiansRoman helmetMithridates VI EupatorMaeotiansWestern Caucasus
原始语种摘要: In 2017, on the territory of the Late Scythian Ust’-Alma necropolis located in the Crimea, crypt 1120 of the second half 1st — the first half of the 2nd c. AD was studied. In its burial chamber, fragments of iron swords and arrowheads, indicating the military character of some graves, were found. Among these things, fragments of a sword stand out, unusual for the barbaric burials of the Crimea, but similar in shape to the items of Roman armament. The analogy of this find is the Mainz type swords, dated by the second half of the 1st c. BC — first half of the 2nd c. AD.
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  • barbaric 野蛮的
  • sword 
  • analogy 类似
  • military 军事的
  • second 
  • territory 领土
  • helmet 安全帽
  • Scythian 斯基台人
  • stand 
  • necropolis 公共墓地