Римский шлем из хутора Нижнесазонова в историко-археологическом контексте
作者: A. V. Boyko A. V. Dedyulkin
刊名: Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2019, Vol.4
来源数据库: Stratum Publishing House
关键词: Oka-Don watershedUpper Don Region1st century ADBorder of the forest zoneUpa 2 sitesSarmatians
原始语种摘要: The article is about the Montefortino-type helmet from the Nizhnesazonov Farm. For the first time, the article presents some archival documents regarding the circumstances and the context, in which the helmet was found. The results of the X-ray study are presented. The authors suggest that a similar helmet from Sergievskaya was a part of a trophy erected on the battlefield. The authors review the historical context of the erection of the trophy, associated with the victories of Pontus’s army during the Mithridatic Wars. For the first time, the article presents a rare helmet of Dahovskaya-Mezmai group, reworked from Montefortino-type helmet by a local armorer from the Western Caucasus. The helmet from the Nizhnesazonov Farm was found in the river water context and it may have been a...
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  • helmet 安全帽
  • article 冠词
  • watershed 分水岭
  • battlefield 战场
  • context 菌髓
  • documents 单据
  • trophy 奖品
  • archival 归档
  • found 创立
  • century 世纪