Латная конница хунну и сяньби (реконструкция вооружения и снаряжения)
作者: V. V. Gorbunov
刊名: Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2019, Vol.4
来源数据库: Stratum Publishing House
关键词: Upper DonLate Roman timeChernyakhov cultureKiev cultureGothic campaigns
原始语种摘要: In the field of military history, visual materials allow you to see both the weapons, and the means for their carrying and use. With poor preservation of the sources, the researchers try to raise their informativity by employing the method of reconstruction. We have created reconstructions of sets of weapons and equipment, which belonged to nomadic warriors from Central Asia. The first reconstruction depicts the Xiongnu’ armored cavalry from the middle of the 1st century BC — beginning of the 1st century AD. The warrior is protected by an armor and a helmet, armed with a sword, a dagger and a bow with arrows. His horse is equipped with a bridle and a saddle. To recreate the armor and equipment of the warrior and his horse, materials of the Xiongnu culture of Mongolia and Transbaikalia...
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  • armed 武装的
  • cavalry 骑兵
  • horse 夹石
  • recreate 再造
  • sword 
  • weapons 武器
  • dagger 撑柱
  • tactic 战术的
  • dressed 修琢过的
  • shooting 放炮