Rising Income Inequality amid Declining Poverty: The Experience of China and India
作者: Shalendra D. SHARMA
刊名: Journal of Poverty Alleviation and International Development (JPAID), 2014, Vol.5 (1), pp.45-74
来源数据库: Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development
关键词: Income InequalityInclusive GrowthPoverty RatesChina and IndiaGlobalization
原始语种摘要: The unprecedented decline in poverty rates in China, and to a lesser extent, in India, has been accompanied by a sharp increase in income inequality, including new forms of impoverishment and destitution. What explains this paradoxical outcome where high GDP growth that has helped reduce absolute poverty has also resulted in widening income inequalities? What are the potential socioeconomic and political implications? And, how best to mitigate and reverse this growing socioeconomic polarization and promote more inclusive and balanced economic growth? This paper addresses these interrelated questions.
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  • China 中国
  • socioeconomic 社会经济学
  • income 收入
  • poverty 贫穷
  • political 政治
  • widening 扩大
  • unprecedented 前所未有的
  • impoverishment 贫化
  • reduce 减少
  • balanced 平[均]衡