Discovery of a new population of the federally endangered Alabama Cave Shrimp, Palaemonias alabamae Smalley, 1961, in northern Alabama
作者: Niemiller, Matthew L.Inebnit, ThomasHinkle, AmataJones, BradleyJones, MarkLamb, JosephMann, NathanielMiller, BenjaminPinkley, JenniferPitts, StephenSapkota, KaylaSlay, Michael E.
刊名: Subterranean Biology, 2019, Vol.32 , pp.43-59
来源数据库: Pensoft Publishers Ltd.
DOI: 10.3897/subtbiol.32.38280
原始语种摘要: The Alabama Cave Shrimp Palaemonias alabamae Smalley, 1961 is a federally endangered cave shrimp endemic to just four cave systems within and near the greater Huntsville metropolitan area in Madison County, Alabama USA. It is one of two described atyid cave shrimp in the Interior Low Plateau karst region. Here we report the discovery of a new population of P. alabamae from the Fern Cave system in western Jackson County, Alabama. We observed four cave shrimp in August 2018 in an isolated pool in the base-level stream passage of the longest cave system in Alabama. Two cave shrimp were observed during a subsequent survey in July 2019: one in the same isolated pool and a second shrimp in a pool in the main stream passage. Morphological and genetic analyses confirm that this population is...
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  • federally 在全联邦范围内
  • population 母体
  • shrimp 小虾
  • potential 
  • allied 同类的
  • observed 观察到的
  • watershed 分水岭
  • northern 北方的
  • nearby 靠近的
  • additional 追加的