Cyanoprokaryotes biodiversity in nine shallow Bulgarian wetlands
作者: Uzunov, BlagoyStoyneva-Gärtner, MayaGärtner, GeorgRadkova, MarianaStefanova, Katerina
刊名: ARPHA Conference Abstracts, 2019, Vol.2 , pp.e46680
来源数据库: Pensoft Publishers Ltd.
DOI: 10.3897/aca.2.e46680
原始语种摘要: The results from the investigation of the phytoplankton in nine shallow wetlands, situated in Central and Eastern Bulgaria, conducted in the frame of recent projects related to identifying harmful algal blooms and algal toxins in the country are demonstrated. Therefore, the focus is on the cyanoprokaryotes and their toxigenic species in particular. The species were identified using conventional light microscopy, while for distinguishing the toxigenic species and strains PCR-based molecular methods were applied. Cyanoprokaryotes comprised about 30% of the total phytoplankton biodiversity of the studied wetlands and were unevenly spread among them. The presence and spread of toxigenic strains in the studied wetlands also did not show any strong geographical pattern. Taxonomic problems...
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  • biodiversity 生物多样性
  • algal 藻类的
  • phytoplankton 浮游植物
  • morphospecies 形态种
  • shallow 浅的
  • Bulgarian 保加利亚的
  • toxigenic 产毒的
  • studied 学习
  • distinguishing 判别
  • geographical 地理的