Working towards a better understanding of Helicobacter pylori-related gastric cancer’s biology
作者: Omar Abdel-Rahman
刊名: Advances in Modern Oncology Research, 2016, Vol.2 (3)
来源数据库: PiscoMed Publishing Pte. Ltd
DOI: 10.18282/amor.v2.i3.144
关键词: Helicobacter pylorigastric cancercarcinogenesisgenetic markers
原始语种摘要: Gastric cancer is a significant cause of cancer-related mortality and morbidity. In terms of disease etiology, it ranks as the fourth and fifth most common contributor of male and female cancer-related death, respectively [1]. A marked geographical variability has been observed for gastric cancer incidence, with the majority of cases reported in Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia [2]. This has been ascribed to environmental (e.g., H. pylori infection), dietary, as well as genetic factors [3]. H. pylori is considered as a definite carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and intes-tinal metaplasia has been suggested as the intermediate event in the development of H. pylori-related gastric cancer [4]. However, the molecular mechanism of this event needs to be...
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  • gastric 胃的
  • metaplasia 化生
  • carcinogenesis 癌形成
  • inactivation 失活
  • cancer 癌症
  • female 女性的
  • probable 可能的
  • intestinal 肠的
  • responsible 负责的
  • mechanism 机构