Non-coding RNAs: New therapeutic targets and opportunities for hepatocellular carcinoma
作者: Yu Cuiyun Qian Ning Zhi-Ping Li Wen Huang Jia Yu Xiao-Yan Yang Xiao-Yong Lei
刊名: Advances In Modern Oncology Research, 2016, Vol.2 (1)
来源数据库: PiscoMed Publishing Pte. Ltd
DOI: 10.18282/amor.v2.i1.91
关键词: hepatocellular carcinomancRNAmiRNAlncRNApiRNA
原始语种摘要: Non-coding RNAs (ncRNA) are RNA molecules without protein coding functions owing to the lack of an open reading frame (ORF). Based on the length, ncRNAs can be divided into long and short ncRNAs; short ncRNAs include miRNAs and piRNAs. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is among the most frequent forms of cancer worldwide and its incidence is increasing rapidly. Studies have found that ncRNAs are likely to play a crucial role in a variety of biological processes including the pathogenesis and progression of HCC. In this review, we summarized the regulation mechanism and biological functions of ncRNAs in HCC with respect to its application in HCC diagnosis, therapy and prognosis
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  • divided 分部联箱
  • likely 大概
  • coding 编码
  • length 距离
  • biological 生物学的
  • owing 该付的
  • frequent 时常的
  • prognosis 预报
  • mechanism 机构