Evaluation of cervicovaginal smear results at postmenopausal period
作者: Sefa Kelekci Emre Destegül Servet Gençdal Emre Ekmekçi Hüseyin Aydoğmuş Orçun Özdemir
刊名: Advances In Modern Oncology Research, 2016, Vol.2 (1)
来源数据库: PiscoMed Publishing Pte. Ltd
DOI: 10.18282/amor.v2.i1.64
关键词: pap smearcytologybethesda systemepithelial cell abnormalities
原始语种摘要: This study evaluates the statistical analysis of cervicovaginal smear results at postmenopausal period accompanied by literature. Cervicovaginal smear results of 894 postmenopausal women were evaluated retrospectively according to the 2001 Bethesda system (BS) in Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic from 2007–2010. The study found, normal results on 287 patients (32.1%), benign findings on 556 patients (62.2%), abnormal epithelial cell changes on 48 patients (5.36%) and malignant changes on 3 patients (0.33%). The abnormal epithelial changes were observed to be atypical cells of undetermined significance (ASC-US) for 22 patients (2.46%), low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LSIL) for 11 patients (1.23%), high-grade squamous intraepithelial...
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  • postmenopausal 经绝后的
  • squamous 具鳞的
  • smear 涂抹
  • cervicovaginal 子宫颈阴道的
  • undetermined 未定的
  • gynecological 妇科学的
  • epithelial 上皮的
  • grade 品位
  • atypical 非典型的
  • premalignant 恶变前的