Dynamics of Vitamins and Phenols of Alchemilla subcrenata by Diurnal Variation of Temperature in October
作者: M.A. Zhivetev E.G. Rudikovskaya L.V. Dudareva I.A. Graskova V.K. Voinikov
刊名: Журнал стресс-физиологии и биохимии, 2016, Vol.12 (1), pp.21-30
来源数据库: Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry
关键词: phenolsvitaminsAlchemilla subcrenata
原始语种摘要: Round-the-clock dynamics of phenols and vitamins В6, С, РР in the leaves of Alchemilla subcrenata with a glance of thermal change was shown. The maximum of content of phenols and vitamin С was observed at 6 a.m. Dynamics of vitamins В6 and PP, actively participating in the exchange of proteins and amino acids, also is subject to fluctuation during the day. More higher content of these coenzymes are the coolest time of the day. To confirm the possible involvement of vitamins В6 and PP in the biosynthesis of proteins were examined stress proteins in leaves of Alchemilla subcrenata during those same days. Heat-shock protein HSP 17.6 was detected only a day at its maximum daily temperatures and сold regulated protein COR14b was detected in the morning, when...
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  • proteins 蛋白质
  • vitamins 维生素类
  • phenols 苯酚类
  • biosynthesis 生物合成
  • observed 观察到的
  • maximum 最大值
  • change 变化
  • October 十月
  • coenzymes 共酶
  • detected 找到