Effect of Hypothermic Exposure (+2°C, In Vitro) on the Radical Activity of Neutrophils
作者: T.V. Polezhaeva A.N. Khudyakov O.N. Solomina O.O. Zaitseva I.G. Paturova S.V. Utemov K.A. Vetoschkin
刊名: Журнал стресс-физиологии и биохимии, 2017, Vol.13 (1), pp.15-22
来源数据库: Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry
关键词: hypothermic effectradical activity of neutrophilsphysiological pregnancychildbirththreat of premature birthcold injury
原始语种摘要: The possibility of using the hypothermic impact (+ 2° C, in vitro ) as a non-drug stimulator of cell immunity was studied. Using chemiluminescence method found that in women with physiological pregnancy the radical response of neutrophils to a foreign object enhanced after cold exposure. The mechanism of radical activity is inhibited in childbirth and the threat of premature birth. In the acute period of cold injury the immunological (radical) reactivity of neutrophils venous blood of men lowered. The restoration of adaptive mechanisms starts with treatment and require subsequent rehabilitation period. This is confirmed by the weak radical response of neutrophils to a foreign object after hypothermic exposure.
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  • radical 
  • stimulator 刺激质
  • childbirth 分娩
  • exposure 暴露
  • reactivity 反应性
  • rehabilitation 重建
  • immunological 免疫学的
  • confirmed 已确认的
  • mechanism 机构
  • threat 威胁