Lectin Activity of Different Cell Fractions of Winter Wheat Seedlings under Pathogenesis
作者: Y.M. Pysmenna O.O. Panyuta N.Yu. Taran
刊名: Журнал стресс-физиологии и биохимии, 2017, Vol.13 (1), pp.44-51
来源数据库: Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry
关键词: cell walls and cell organelleseyespot causal agentchanges in lectin activitypathogenesiswinter wheatseedlings
原始语种摘要: Crop diseases cause large yield losses and are the major factors which limit the increase of agricultural production. The question of the lectins participation in the pathogens recognition and the formation of protective reactions of the plant is relevant. Changes in lectin activity of different cell fractions in organs of winter wheat seedlings ( Triticum aestivum ) under biotic stress were investigated. It was established that lectin activity of cell walls and cell organelles of uninfected seedlings was lower than lectin activity of both fractions of infected with eyespot causal agent seedlings. Lectin activity dynamics of various cell fractions was different under infection. Reaction response was more expressed in wheat seedlings of relatively resistant to pathogen variety Renan than...
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  • lectin 植物凝血素
  • pathogen 致病菌
  • activity 活度
  • wheat 小麦
  • resistant 耐久的
  • variety 变种
  • under 在下
  • infected 被感染
  • eyespot 眼点
  • causal 因果