Impact of some chemical treatments and length of storage on the storability of sugar beet
作者: Hussien Al ZubiEntessar Al JbawiSameer Al JeddawiMohammad Khair TahlaRaafat IsmaielThamer Al HunieshGaidaa AlieshaRadwan RadwanHasan Azzam
作者单位: 1General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascus
2Al Ghab Agricultural Research Center, GCSAR, Al Ghab
3Food Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Damascus
4Crops Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Damascus
刊名: International Journal of Environment, 2016, Vol.5 (1), pp.96-106
来源数据库: Progressive Sustainable Developers
DOI: 10.3126/ije.v5i1.14567
关键词: Slaked limeChloride calciumSugar lossesStorage durationSugar beet
原始语种摘要: An experiment was conducted at the Agricultural Research Center of Al Ghab, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Syria, to evaluate the effect of some chemical application on the sugar losses reduction, and some quality traits in 2014/2015 season. Three slaked lime concentrations of 5, 10 and 15 percent, and three concentrations of calcium chloride of 2, 4, and 6%, and a mix of 5% slaked lime with 2% calcium chloride, beside the check (no treatment) (factor C). The second factor (D) was the storage durations of 6 days, and tow varieties (Factor V) were arranged as factorial experiment in RCBD with four replications. The varieties one of them was monogerm (Vico), while the other was multigerm (Reda), they were drilled in mid November, and storage roots were...
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  • chemical 化学的
  • effective 有效的
  • studied 学习
  • calcium 
  • sugar 
  • treatment 处理
  • storage 蓄水量
  • monogerm 单胚的
  • quality 品质
  • concentrations 浓聚物