An electric view of the gravitational field
作者: Michael J.Curran
刊名: Physics Essays, 2018, Vol.31 (1), pp.130-133
来源数据库: Physics Essays
DOI: 10.4006/0836-1398-31.1.130
原始语种摘要: We propose a LC circuit model for Gauss's flux law for gravity with mechanical parameters replaced with electrical analogues. Since ours is a dynamic model with an alternating current we examine time dependent coefficients, 0–1, of charge on a capacitor and inductor current. We employ a quarter unit circle analysis of these coefficients expressed in polar coordinates. In this way, we mathematically transform two expressions for the flux of gravity into one expression containing charge on a capacitor, inductor current, and frequency of their interchange.
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  • electrical 电的
  • current 
  • inductor 感应体
  • capacitor 电容器
  • parameters 参数
  • gravity 重力
  • charge 电荷
  • field 
  • alternating 交替
  • gravitational 重力