Failure of the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics: Three experimental falsifications, and a consistent alternative interpretation
作者: ReinerGeorg Ziefle
刊名: Physics Essays, 2017, Vol.30 (3), pp.328-346
来源数据库: Physics Essays
DOI: 10.4006/0836-1398-30.3.328
原始语种摘要: For the first time in the history of quantum physics, at least three unrecognized (or ignored) experimental falsifications of fundamental postulates of quantum mechanics are presented. Quantum mechanics postulates that quantum objects are already influenced by the pure intention of researchers to examine a certain quantum phenomenon, that quantum phenomenon have no defined status, until they are measured, that quantum objects being observed by researchers can change afterward what has already happened to another quantum object before, and that particles can have opposite spins at the same time. Although these imaginations are mathematically well founded, they seem to be quite mystical, while the assumptions of the author in contrast are apparent to our reason and cognition.
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  • 基本的 判读
  • quantum 量子
  • mechanics 力学
  • consistent 可相容的
  • experimental 实验的
  • cognition 认识
  • interpretation 判读
  • fundamental 判读
  • intention 意图
  • already 已经
  • physics 物理学