The uncertainty principle and nature of matter
作者: ShukriKlinaku
刊名: Physics Essays, 2016, Vol.29 (3), pp.301-303
来源数据库: Physics Essays
DOI: 10.4006/0836-1398-29.3.301
原始语种摘要: If we could describe all phenomena solely through individual equations of motion of particles, then there would be no reason for quantum mechanics to exist. Because it is not possible for a system with many particles to be described entirely by individual equations about the motion of these particles, there is a need for wave apparatus, which leads to the formulation of wave mechanics (quantum mechanics). The uncertainty principle found by Heisenberg deals not only with the issue of the impossibility of simultaneously measuring complementary quantities accurately, but essentially with the existence of a borders between “the two mechanics.” In this paper, we will establish, through the transformation of complementary quantities incorporated in Heisenberg's principle, a new pair of...
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  • complementary 补的
  • principle 原理
  • uncertainty 不定
  • mechanics 力学
  • Heisenberg 海森堡
  • phenomena 现象
  • apparatus 仪器频
  • impossibility 不可能
  • expressed 榨出的
  • formulation 配方