Lagrangian quantum mechanics, a fully relativistic theory of atomic structure
作者: RichardOldani
刊名: Physics Essays, 2016, Vol.29 (3), pp.293-296
来源数据库: Physics Essays
DOI: 10.4006/0836-1398-29.3.293
原始语种摘要: A fully relativistic formulation of quantum mechanics is derived by introducing a Lagrangian density of the fields between the excited and ground states and taking the action integral. The change in action, or photon, is a four-dimensional localization of fields that is defined symmetrically with respect to the field boundaries. Due to this photon model, we interpret the three mathematical formulations of atomic structure; matrix mechanics, wave mechanics, and path integrals, as different mathematical methods of describing the superposed physical components of an excited state; nucleus, electron, and photon. Recent experiments with slow and stopped light are shown to support this theoretical interpretation. The derivation of quantum theory with respect to fields requires new...
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  • quantum 量子
  • mechanics 力学
  • structure 构造
  • atomic 原子的
  • excited 激发的
  • photon 光量子
  • interpret 说明
  • fully 充分
  • principle 原理
  • light