Private prosecution of intellectual property rights infringements in Singapore
作者: Jamil Ddamulira Mujuzi
作者单位: 1Professor of Law, University of the Western Cape
刊名: Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 2019, Vol.9 (4), pp.484-489
来源数据库: Edward Elgar Publishing
DOI: 10.4337/qmjip.2019.04.07
关键词: Private prosecutionSingaporeIntellectual propertyCopyrightPatentsLocus standiAbuse
原始语种摘要: Case law from Singapore shows that one of the ways in which intellectual property rights holders have protected their rights is through private prosecutions. This is the case although the relevant pieces of legislation on patents, copyright and trade marks are silent on the issue of private prosecutions. The question of who is entitled to institute a private prosecution in intellectual property rights infringements remains unclear to some people. The purpose of this article is to discuss the issues of locus standi to institute a private prosecution in intellectual property cases and the measures to minimize abusing the right to institute a private prosecution.
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  • prosecution 起诉
  • intellectual 知识分子
  • rights 权利
  • property 所有权
  • private 私有的
  • institute 研究所
  • article 冠词
  • Singapore 新加坡
  • legislation 立法
  • locus 轨迹