Exploring the Realm of Possibilities: Trying to Predict Promising Crosses and Successful Offspring through Genomic Mating in Barley
作者: Amina Abed François Belzile *
刊名: Crop Breeding, Genetics and Genomics, 2019, Vol.1 (2)
来源数据库: Hapres
DOI: 10.20900/cbgg20190019
关键词: Genomic predictionPerforming progenyPromising crossesGenetic varianceQuantitative traitsFusarium resistanceYieldBarleyBreeding program
原始语种摘要: Introducing genomic prediction approaches at an early stage (i.e., selecting the best crosses) is less disruptive than at advanced stages (identifying the best progeny) in terms of the breeding process and resources involved. Here, we tried to assess the reliability of a predictive approach in an applied breeding context. First, we developed a genomic selection model to estimate trait values and validated it on existing progenies. It was then used to predict the mean (µ) and genetic variance (VG) for each cross among a large set of simulated progenies. The degree of agreement between predicted and observed values for key traits indicated that the predictive model provided an adequate degree of accuracy. Crosses predicted to be superior produced progeny that persisted longer in the...
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  • predicted 预先计算的
  • progeny 后代
  • breeding 育种
  • genomic 染色体组的
  • lines 线型
  • identifying 识别
  • barley 大麦
  • selecting 选择
  • prediction 预报
  • population 母体