Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation and Critical Closing Pressure in Experimental Human Endotoxemia and Sepsis Patients
作者: Judith Maria Dimphena van den Brule 1* Christiaan Ruud van Kaam 1 Guus Pieter Leijte 12 Roeland Stolk 12 Peter Pickkers 12 Johannes Gerardus van der Hoeven 12 Matthijs Kox 12 Cornelia Wilhelmina Elisabeth Hoedemaekers 1
刊名: Med One, 2019, Vol.4 (3)
来源数据库: Hapres
DOI: 10.20900/mo.20190009
关键词: KEYWORDS: sepsisHuman endotoxemia modelDynamic cerebral autoregulationCritical closing pressure
原始语种摘要: Background: To investigate the influence of systemic inflammation on dynamic cerebral autoregulation and vascular tone during experimental human endotoxemia and sepsis. Methods: Healthy volunteers received 3 h continuous infusion of LPS (c-LPS, 4 ng/kg, n = 11, Clinicaltrials.gov NCT02922673) or a bolus of LPS (b-LPS, 2 ng/kg, n = 8, Clinicaltrials.gov NCT02675868) and 10 sepsis patients were studied. Mean arterial pressure (MAP) and cerebral blood flow velocity (CBFV) were monitored simultaneously. Cerebral autoregulation was analysed by transfer function analysis (TFA). Critical closing pressure (CrCP) was estimated as a measure of cerebral vascular tone. Results: c-LPS resulted in a more pronounced and prolonged plasma cytokine response compared with b-LPS. MAP decreased from 89 ± 3 to...
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  • LPS Laboratory Peripheral System
  • autoregulation 自动控制
  • endotoxemia 内毒素性血症
  • sepsis 败血症
  • intact 完整的
  • remains 残渣
  • closing 闭合
  • inflammation 炎症
  • cytokine 细胞因子
  • activation 活化