ULK4 Genetic Variants Have Pleiotropic Effect on Risk of Autism, Associated with Brain mRNA Expression and Antipsychotic Treatment Response
作者: Jianjun Ou 123 Kuokuo Li 4 Hui Guo 4 Kun Xia 45 Zhengmao Hu 4Jingping Zhao 1Fengyu Zhang 1236*
刊名: Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Science, 2019, Vol.4 (3)
来源数据库: Hapres
DOI: 10.20900/jpbs.20190010
关键词: KEYWORDS: ULK4AutismBrain mRNA expressionAntipsychotic treatment responseOlanzapine
原始语种摘要: Background: ULK4 genetic variants have been implicated for adult-onset psychiatric disorders, and common variants are associated with hematologic and cardiologic disorders at genome-wide significance. This study aimed to examine the pleiotropic effect of ULK4 on the risk of autism, cis-association with mRNA and impact on antipsychotic treatment response in humans. Methods: The clinical genetic data comprised one cohort of autism case-parent triad sample in the Han Chinese and three cohorts of family-based samples in the European ancestry, from Autism Genetic Research Exchange, the Autism Genome Project and the Simons Foundation for Autism Research Initiative; mRNA expression in postmortem human prefrontal cortex across the lifespan and different brain regions of postmortem human brain and...
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  • antipsychotic 抗精神病的
  • autism 孤独症
  • schizophrenia 精神分裂症
  • mRNA m核糖核酸
  • prefrontal 前额骨
  • associated 相关的
  • lifespan 使用期限
  • disequilibrium 非平衡
  • psychiatry 精神病学
  • postmortem 死后的