Popper's Experiment: A Modern Perspective
作者: Tabish Qureshi
作者单位: 1Jamia Millia Islamia
刊名: Quanta, 2012, Vol.1 (1), pp.19-32
来源数据库: Quanta
DOI: 10.12743/quanta.v1i1.8
原始语种摘要: Karl Popper had proposed an experiment to test the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics. The proposal survived for many year in the midst of no clear consensus on what results it would yield. The experiment was realized by Kim and Shih in 1999, and the apparently surprising result led to lot of debate. We review Popper's proposal and its realization in the light of current era when entanglement has been well studied, both theoretically and experimentally. We show that the "ghost-diffraction" experiment, carried out in a different context, conclusively resolves the controversy surrounding Popper's experiment. Quanta 2012; 1: 19–32.
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  • proposal 申请
  • debate 争辩
  • surprising 惊人的
  • experiment 实验
  • midst 中央
  • entanglement 扭结
  • consensus 合意
  • conclusively 最后地
  • controversy 争议
  • diffraction 衍射