Estudio sobre sistemas meteorológicos que provocan eventos notables de precipitación en Cuba
作者: Yaritza Gómez-Villa1 Lourdes Álvarez-Escudero1 Abel D. Centella-Artola2 Ramón Pérez-Suárez3 Israel Borrajero-Montejo1
刊名: Revista de Climatología, 2015, Vol.15
来源数据库: Revista de Climatología
关键词: rainfallmeteorological systemspredictability.
原始语种摘要: From daily rainfall series at weather stations Casablanca, Camagüey and Gran Piedra, with different physicalgeographical conditions, a study of weather systems that cause monthly rainfall above the mean plus one standard deviation, labeled as “significant rainfall” is performed from 1981 to 2000. The identified meteorological systems in order of prevalence were: troughs, tropical waves, cases of convection and instability, upper air troughs, tropical storms, cold fronts and tropical lows. Besides, the relationship between the presence of identified meteorological systems and the phases of the ENSO event was analyzed and it resulted irrelevant in this case. Finally, taking into account the meteorological systems representation in NCEP reanalysis, a selection of dates was made to make...
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  • meteorological 气象的
  • rainfall 降雨量
  • tropical 热带的
  • reanalysis 再分析
  • predictability 可预计性
  • weather 天气
  • daily 每天的
  • monthly 月刊的
  • representation 表现
  • convection 对流