Understanding Organizational Renewal from a Multi-level Perspective – Challenges and Advancements
作者: Wilkens, Uta
刊名: Journal of Competences, Strategy & Management, 2017, pp.1-6
来源数据库: Rainer Hampp Verlag
关键词: dynamic capabilitiesstrategic issuesgovernanceurban managementbehavioral theorycapability gapsorganizational adaptationstrategic changeservitizationorganizational competencemicrofoundationsnew institutionalismregional studiesinstitutional entrepreneurmiddlegroundmultilevel analysismixed-method approachnetworks
原始语种摘要: The authors of this special issue 'Approaching Dynamic Capabilities from a Multi-Level Perspective – Macrofoundations and Microfoundations' found their specific way of coping with the challenges outlined in the field of forces, expectations and tensions that characterize multi-level research. There is a considerable advancement as the authors contribute to construct specifications on a theoretical basis and either prepare the next steps for multi-level empirical analyses concisely or even present empirical data. It is interesting to note that three out of five papers contribute to macrofoundations of DCs. It seems to be an issue of current research that has the potential to gain equally high interest in the future as microfoundations have nowadays.
全文获取路径: Rainer Hampp Verlag  (合作)

  • level 水准
  • issue 
  • empirical 经验的
  • expectations 期待的事物
  • special 特别的
  • interest 兴趣
  • three 
  • contribute 贡献
  • their 他们的
  • specifications 技术条件