Vitamin U, a novel free radical scavenger, prevents lens injury in rats administered with valproic acid
作者: Tunali SKahraman SYanardag R
刊名: Human & Experimental Toxicology, 2015, Vol.34 (9), pp.904-910
来源数据库: Royal Society
DOI: 10.1177/0960327114561665
关键词: Valproic acidlensvitamin Urat
原始语种摘要: Valproic acid (2-propyl-pentanoic acid, VPA) is the most widely prescribed antiepileptic drug due to its ability to treat a broad spectrum of seizure types. VPA exhibits various side effects such as organ toxicity, teratogenicity, and visual disturbances. S-Methylmethioninesulfonium is a derivative of the amino acid methionine and it is widely referred to as vitamin U (Vit U). This study was aimed to investigate the effects of Vit U on lens damage parameters of rats exposed to VPA. Female Sprague Dawley rats were divided into four groups. Group I comprised control animals. Group II included control rats supplemented with Vit U (50 mg/kg/day) for 15 days. Group III was given only VPA (500 mg/kg/day) for 15 days. Group IV was given VPA + Vit U (in same dose and time). Vit U was given to...
全文获取路径: The Royal Society  (合作)

  • scavenger 食腐动物
  • radical 
  • glutathione 谷胱甘肽
  • novel 长篇小说
  • peroxidation 过氧化
  • teratogenicity 致畸态性
  • reversed 倒转的
  • paraoxonase 二乙基对硝基苯磷酸酯酶
  • antioxidant 抗氧化剂
  • seizure 获得